In November of last year, Falcom revealed in a financial report for their third quarter that their strategy for 2010 involved a heavy focus on developing games for Windows 7 and the PSP. The company also highlighted a desire to aim for a more global audience by pushing their popular brands in cooperation with North American publishers.


One of these publishers might be Xseed. Falcom maintain a public list of their company’s clients on their website. Recently, Xseed’s name showed up on the very same list.


The word on the net is that Xseed were, at one point, asked by fans via e-mail — as is all too common for them — if they would be interested in localizing Sora no Kiseki. While there’s no documented evidence of it, the verdict at the time was allegedly that the amount of text in the game made it hard to justify spending the resources that would be required to translate it.


Well… Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki sort of bypasses that little issue, doesn’t it? And considering Falcom are also releasing a PSP port of Ys: The Oath in Felghana — a remake of Ys III — and searching for a publisher, cooperating with them would give Xseed a stable stream of projects to work on.1 Games like Ys Seven, Brandish: The Dark Revenant, and Zwei!!.


1. Maybe they could change their name to "Yseed" for promotional purposes, too! Hmm, I wonder if that joke was cracked internally at Xseed as well…


Thanks to Falcom super-fan Denpa no Sekai for the tip!


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