ASCII Media Works, the Japanese publisher of Gunslinger Girl and Yotsuba!, are set to launch a new digital manga magazine this winter. Titled Dengeki Comic Japan, the magazine will launch on the iPhone and iPad and will later expand to the PC platform.


Each issue of the magazine will cost around 500 yen (about $6.00), with the pilot issue being available for free. Current artists whose works will be serialized in the magazine are:


  • Masuya Hokasono–Wiseman, Inugami, VOICE, Girlfriends (with Benten Court)
  • Eiji Miruno–Tokyo Flow Chart (IKKI)
  • Rensuke Oshikiri
  • Youichi Abe–Vanilla Spider
  • Chen ShuFen–Blue Note (IKKI)
  • Chie Ogata
  • Tsukiko Iwamura


Note: Image from Dengeki Gao’s cover, another of Dengeki’s magazine lines.


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