Type-Moon have a fair number of fans on Siliconera, and so, for our further coverage of Imageepoch’s Fate/Extra on PSP, we asked localization publisher, Aksys, if they’d be open to answering our community’s questions about the game’s English release, slated for this fall.


If you have questions you’d like answered about the game or about its localization, put them down in a comment below and we’ll pick the best ones to send to Aksys. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking up questions:


1. Aksys aren’t the developer, they’re the English publisher. This means they may not be able to answer development-related questions that pertain to Imageepoch.


2. Anything about how Extra plays or its story or how it was localized into English is fair game.


3. Keep your questions limited to Fate/Extra and only Fate/Extra (not even Fate/Extra CCC, which was announced the other day).


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