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Astria Ascending Characters and Release Date Revealed in New Trailer

astria ascending characters

The latest Astria Ascending trailer is here, and this one looks at the characters we’ll meet. There are eight playable demigods in the game known as the Fated Eight. Each one is preparing to become a guardian. Once the game launches in 2021, people will get to explore each of the eight stories. It also confirmed and showed off some of the English and Japanese voice acting that will be present. The E3 2021 announcement also confirmed a September 30, 2021 release date for Astria Ascending.

In addition to offering a setup, we get to see a few details about each of the characters. Here’s the full cast list. Different races and age groups are all represented, with the youngest character being 13 and the oldest 63.

  • Alasia: A summoner voiced by Naoko Kouda in Japanese and Ellen Dubin in English.
  • Alek: A soldier voiced by Shunichi Toki in Japanese and Ryan Higley in English.
  • Arpajo: A thief voiced by Kanehira Yamamoto in Japanese and Mikee Goodman in English.
  • Dagmar: A sorcerer voiced by Ryunosuke Watanuki in Japanese and Lenval Brown in English.
  • Eko: A scholar voiced by Miyuki Sato in Japanese and Brittany Cox in English. 
  • Kaydin: An explorer voiced by Hisako Tojo in Japanese and Charly Metolli in English.
  • Kress: A fencer voiced by Kaoru Sakura in Japanese and Tegen Hitchens in English.
  • Ulan: A captain voiced by Eriko Matsui in Japanese and Angela Leblanc in English.

Here’s the full Astria Ascending characters trailer.

Astria Ascending release date for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC is September 30, 2021. It will appear worldwide. It will also show up on Xbox Game Pass.

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