Lise no Atelier: Ordre no Renkinjutsushi (Atelier Lise: Alchemst of Ordre) came out on April 17, 2007. That’s nearly a year ago! Apparently, the initial Nintendo DS release was riddled with bugs. Some sound quite annoying like freezing when items are used during battle. Even though Gust may be late on the ball they are offering free replacement cartridges for anyone who purchased the game in Japan. (Sorry, importers.) The revised cart also adjusts monster stats, drops and increased message speed.


Just in case you’re thinking about buying Lise no Atelier look for a copy with the white box art pictured on the right. Remember red means stop or in this case the battle system possibly stopping when using items. Since Gust addressed these problems I wonder if NIS America will announce this as one of their Nintendo DS projects. To date they are the company responsible for bringing over Gust’s games to North America and they also happen to be a DS developer!

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