Atelier Ryza Characters Join Artery Gear: Fusion

Atelier Ryza Artery Gear

Bilibili announced an Atelier Ryza collaboration event in Artery Gear: Fusion. The collaboration event will feature Reisalin, Klaudia, and Lila as playable characters, available through the limited-time collaboration gacha banner. The collaboration will also introduces a new alchemy mechanic similar to those found in the Atelier series. There is no confirmed release date for the event. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

The collaboration event story reveals that the three girls accidentally traveled into the world of Artery Gear: Fusion. Though the three Atelier Ryza characters may not seem like a fit for the sci-fi genre, they will be equipped with high-tech equipment and are capable of holding their own. Original voice actors Haruka Terui, Hitomi Owada, and Yuri Noguchi will reprise their roles.

Reisalin can use incendiary attacks, Klaudia can use freezing attacks, and Lila can use lightning. Players can acquire the three characters through the collaboration gacha banner. A pity roll at 90 pulls will reward players with one of the Atelier Ryza characters.

Furthermore, the collaboration will feature an exploration and alchemy mechanic. Players can send out an expedition for a chance to receive ingredients and usable items. Players could then use these ingredients to craft special items using an alchemy pot in order to complete requests, just like in the Atelier games.

You can check out the official Atelier Ryza Artery Gear: Fusion collaboration trailer below:

The Atelier series is no stranger to collaborations, of course. Earlier this year, several Atelier Ryza 2 characters appeared in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV. Koei Tecmo also announced it would collaborate with Bandai Namco to bring Atelier Sophie characters to Tales of Arise.

Artery Gear is available on iOS and Android devices in Japan. As of writing, there is no confirmed release date for the Atelier Ryza collaboration event.

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