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Atelier Sophie 2 Roytale Characters and Reputation System Detailed

Atelier Sophie 2 Kati Pirka

Koei Tecmo introduced two new Atelier Sophie 2 characters Kati and Pirka, along with details about the game’s scenarios, quests, and reputation system. The two characters are both prominent store owners in the town of Roytale. Through Kati and Pirka’s services, players will be able to increase their adventurer’s grade, replicate items, and more.

After arriving in the town of Roytale, the two store owners introduce themselves to the protagonist Sophie. Pirka is the owner of Pirka’s Emporium, where players can replenish and duplicate items. Kati is the owner of the Crystal Sparkle Pavilion, where players can take on requests from local townsfolk.

Atelier Sophie 2‘s reputation system seems to mirror previous iterations such as Atelier Ryza 2. Completing these requests will increase players’ reputations. With enough reputation, players will also be able to take on special advancement quests. Completing advancement quests will increase players’ Adventurer Grade, thereby unlocking newer and more difficult requests.

You can get a better look at what the request menu will look like in the screenshots below:

Furthermore, players can also develop friendships with other characters in Atelier Sophie 2, and unlock new skills. Each character has their own respective scenarios, dreams, and aspirations. The treasure hunter Alette, for example, wants to get rich quickly, while Ramizel is worried about what everyone expects of her. Other characters include Sophie’s partner Plachta, who seems to be  different person after they were both transported to a mysterious world.

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream will release for the PS4, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch on February 25, 2022.

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