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Atelier Sophie 2 Tales of Arise and Swimsuit DLC Released

Atelier Sophie 2 Tales of Arise and Swimsuit DLC Released

There’s more Atelier Sophie 2 DLC available, with some being free Tales of Arise items and others being paid swimsuits. People can acquire both now. There’s even a trailer for the Tales of Arise crossover collection, so people can see how the three accessories look.

First, people can download Tales of Arise accessories for Atelier Sophie 2. This means people get an Owl King Doll that can be worn on a character’s head, to start. Characters can wear Alphen’s Iron Mask. In the official trailer, we can see both Plachta and Olias wearing that. Finally, there’s also a Shionne’s Hair Ornament accessory. Alette, Diebold and Ramizel model it in the video.

As a reminder, the video also shows the Tales of Arise crossover items. Dohalim gets a weapon skin that resembles Sophie’s staff, Shionne has a weapon skin that looks like Olias’ rifle, and there’s an accessory based on Sophie’s flower hair clip.

As for the paid Atelier Sophie 2 swimsuit DLC, six are available. These are available in the $47.99 season pass. You can also get each one alone for $2.99. The girls all get bikinis. Sophie’s is called White Canvas, Plachta’s is Clivia Nobilis, Ramizel’s is Agapanthus Romance, and Alette’s is Rainmaker. The guys get swim trunks. Olias’ is called Vegetable Garden, while Diebold’s is Knight Commander.
Atelier Sophie 2 Tales of Arise and Swimsuit DLC Released

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC, and its swimsuit and Tales of Arise DLC items are out now.

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