Earlier in the week, we discovered a bunch of leaked Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles in English via Amazon. Neither Tomy nor Namco Bandai nor D3 Publisher — all associated with past Naruto titles — had announced a localization, so we weren’t entirely sure who was going to be bringing the game over.


Today, in a surprise announcement, Atlus revealed that they’re the North American publisher behind Dragon Blade Chronicles for Wii and also Naruto vs. Sasuke for the Nintendo DS. Both games are scheduled for release on November 16th, 2010.


Atlus also confirmed that they’ll be announcing pre-order bonuses, purchase goodies and “special bundles” for the two games over the next few weeks. You can view high-res screenshots of Dragon Blade Chronicles below.


Update: Pre-order bonuses and regular bonuses are up on Atlus’s website for Dragon Blade Chronicles. Pre-ordering at Gamestop nets you a Naruto cap, while pre-ordering at Amazon will get you a metal keychain. Additionally, ordering the game from Amazon also gives you the option to grab this nifty game + five-set figure bundle for $70:




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