Attack on Titan Brave Order Will Release for Mobile Devices in February

Attack on Titan Brave Order Release Date

enish announced Attack on Titan Brave Order will release for mobile devices in Japan on February 11, 2022. Pre-registration for the title is immediately available for Android and iOS devices. Players will assume the role of a member of the Survey Corps, and take down Titans. The game will feature miniature 3D models, with full voice acting. Additionally, players will be able to customize their own headquarters. There is no word of a potential Western release. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

Pre-registration for Attack on Titan Brave Order opened in October 2021. However, at that time, the mobile game did not have an official release date. A February window of release was then announced sometime after. Pre-registration rewards include in-game currency for gacha pulls. If Attack on Titan Brave Order has over 300,000 pre-registered users, players will receive enough currency to perform ten gacha pulls.

The pre-registration announcement also included the release of a trailer. It showcased various aspects of the game, which includes how combat will function. As mentioned previously, players will be able to decorate their own headquarters. Popular characters from the Attack on Titan series are shown idling or interacting with objects within the headquarters.

Attack on Titan Brave Order will release for Android and iOS devices in February 11, 2022.

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