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Augmented Reality Tetris Coming To 3DS From Hudson And Nintendo


Nintendo of America are publishing a new Tetris for the Nintendo 3DS in North America. Or rather, they’re publishing Tetris Axis, the Tetris game that Hudson were working on.


Tetris Axis will include two primary modes: the standard mode and Party Game, both of which include sub-modes from previous iterations of Tetris. Standard mode will give you access to: Marathon, Computer Battle, and two new  modes, Fever and Survival.


Meanwhile, Party Game includes: Shadow Wide, Tower Climber, Bombliss, Master Mode and Sprint, and new games such as Jigsaw, Fit and Stage Racer Plus.


Most interesting, though, is an AR mode, which lets you play an augmented reality version of Tetris. The two games included here are AR Marathon and AR Tower Climber. There are also modes for both local and online multiplayer, as well as support for the Download Play feature, which lets one 3DS stream the game to surrounding systems.


Online multiplayer has Friend Battle and World Battle, which sounds like you’ll be able to challenge players you don’t know. Online supports up to 6 players, while local and Download Play multiplayer allows for 8. You’ll also be able to download additional items for Tetris Axis’ Fever mode.


Nintendo of America will release Tetris Axis on October 2nd in North America. Namco Bandai will publish the game in Japan on October 20th as simply Tetris. In Japan, Tetris Axis will cost less than your average Nintendo 3DS game at 3,990 yen.



Ishaan Sahdev
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