Azur Lane Chen Hai Will Appear as the First Dragon Empery Carrier

Azur Lane Chen Hai

Yostar revealed Chen Hai as a new Azur Lane shipgirl. She will appear in the 2022 Lunar New Year limited construction pool. The game will categorize the seaplane tender as a light aircraft carrier, meaning Chen Hai will also become the first carrier and backline shipgirl in the China-inspired Dragon Empery faction.

The Pinyin romanization would render the name to Zhen Hai. However, Yostar has been using the Wade-Giles romanization for most shipgirls in Dragon Empery, including the Chao Ho-class cruisers. As such, the new Azur Lane shipgirl is known as Chen Hai.

In history, Chen Hai originally existed as a 1904 German merchant ship named Manila. After several transfers, she eventually found her way into the Chinese navy. The navy converted her twice in the 1920s, first into a gunboat, and then a seaplane tender. When Japan invaded China in 1937, the Chinese navy scuttled Chen Hai as a blockship nearby the Chingtao (Qingdao) port.

The 2022 Lunar New Year limited construction pool has so far included four new shipgirls. Yostar and Manjuu previously revealed the protected cruiser Hai Chi, the Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer USS Bristol, and the Royal Navy’s Dido-class cruiser HMS Charybdis.

Azur Lane is available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices. The Lunar New Year update will arrive in late January 2022.

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