Azur Lane HMS Charybdis Will Appear on 2022 Lunar New Year

Azur Lane - HMS Charybdis

The Japanese Azur Lane Twitter account has revealed HMS Charybdis as a new shipgirl that will appear in the mobile game. She will be available in a time-limited small ship construction pool set to run around the 2022 Lunar New Year.

In history, HMS Charybdis is based on the Dido-class cruiser of the same name that saw action in World War II. After multiple operations in the Mediterranean seas, German torpedo boats ultimately sunk her in the Battle of Sept-Îles in October 1943.

HMS Charybdis is the first new shipgirl introduced on the Azur Lane Twitter account in 2022. The Chinese server team revealed more shipgirls on Weibo, hinting that the upcoming limited construction pool will feature multiple new characters. One of them will be DD-857 USS Bristol, an Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer that went to the Republic of China Navy and was renamed ROCS Hua Yang. The team will also add Hai Chi, a Chinese protected cruiser built and completed before 1900.

Yostar and Manjuu have previously added new Azur Lane shipgirls to celebrate Lunar New Year. In 2021, they added HMS Penelope and the Chao Ho-class cruisers. HMS Charybdis will fill in Penelope’s slot for the 2022 edition.

Azur Lane is immediately available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices. The latest major event “Tower of Transcendence” ended on January 12, 2022. It primarily added conceptual ships into the Germany-inspired Iron Blood faction, such as the battleship KMS Ulrich von Hutten.

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