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Azur Lane: Crosswave Adds In Shimakaze And Suruga To The Fray


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During the World of Warships x Azur Lane collaboration stage event, Compile Heart and Yostar announced that Shimakaze and Suruga will be playable shipgirls in the upcoming action title Azur Lane: Crosswave.


Shimakaze (CV: Saori Hayami)

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Suruga (CV: Aya Endou):

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During the game, you’ll at first have to explore the sea map while enjoying conversations between various shipgirls, and defeating enemies in Shooting Battles.


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In Shimakaze and Suruga’s story, they are training together when a certain incident occurs that leads the four factions to hurriedly organize the Joint Military Exercise. The two newcomers must now face many opponents, some who know the truth behind the incident, and some who are just here to fight.


Yostar stated that the game’s original story has over 14,000 voice lines recorded.


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Crosswave is a re-conceptualized RPG version of the smartphone Azur Lane game based on the gameplay features of the original game. You’ll collect various characters as the game goes along, and can make your favorite into the Secretary Ship.


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In Extreme Battle Mode, you’ll face consecutive strong enemies, so you’d better prepare for the worst.


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In Photo Mode, take pictures of the many shipgirls from whatever angle you please in one of the Free Stages where no battles are taking place.


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The game’s theme song will be sung by Shimakaze’s voice actress, Saori Hayami.


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Finally, the SD version of Shimakaze that will be part of the game’s Limited Edition was also revealed.


Watch the reveal video below:


Azur Lane: Crosswave releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on August 29, 2019. Check out the shipgirl Downes in our previous report here.

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