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Azur Lane: Crosswave Introduces St. Louis, Akashi, Shiranui, Plus Action Controls

By Alistair . June 13, 2019 . 4:00pm

Azur Lane: Crosswave’s official site has been updated with three new characters, as well as an expansive tutorial about the general flow and controls, as well as some more screenshots.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Adds Helena, Hornet, And Yorktown As Support Shipgirls

By Sato . June 5, 2019 . 1:00am

Compile Heart shared the latest on the upcoming naval action game Azur Lane: Crosswave with the reveal of three new support characters in Helena, Hornet, and Yorktown.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Details Story Mode, Scouting Characters, Episode Mode, And More

By Alistair . May 29, 2019 . 10:33am

Compile Heart has updated the official site of Azur Lane: Crosswave with more info on the game, including new revealed characters, the various modes in the game, and more.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave’s Off-Screen Video Shows Gameplay From Demo Event

By Sato . May 27, 2019 . 5:00am

Compile Heart hosted a special demonstration event for its upcoming naval battle RPG Azur Lane: Crosswave in Japan. We got a look at some off-screen footage from the event showcasing its latest gameplay.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Reveals Playable Atago, Enterprise, Saratoga, Takao, And A Columbia Support

By Sato . May 22, 2019 . 12:30am

Compile Heart shared the latest batch of playable shipgirl reveals for Azur Lane: Crosswave with Atago, Enterprise, Saratoga, and Takao. We also got a look at Columbia who’ll appear as a support unit.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Reveals Bismarck As A Playable Shipgirl

By Sato . May 17, 2019 . 6:45am

Compile Heart revealed Bismark as a new playable character for their upcoming naval action shooter Azur Lane: Crosswave over at its official website. Here’s a first look.

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Ark Royal, San Diego, Hammann, And Vestal Appear As Azur Lane: Crosswave Support Characters

By Sato . May 15, 2019 . 1:00am

Compile Heart shared a look at a few support characters that will be providing us with help in Azur Lane: Crosswave with Ark Royal, San Diego, Hammann, And Vestal over at the game’s official website.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Sets Course For A 2020 Release In The West For PS4

By Sato . May 2, 2019 . 2:30pm

Idea Factory International announced that the upcoming PS4 naval action shooter Azur Lane: Crosswave, based on the popular smartphone game Azur Lane, is coming to North America and Europe in 2020.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Gets Its Latest Batch Of Screenshots And A Bunch Of Character Teasers

By Sato . April 24, 2019 . 4:00am

Compile Heart shared the latest on the upcoming naval action shooter, Azur Lane: Crosswave, with a look at a new batch of screenshots and a bunch of silhouettes teasing new characters.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Screenshot Shares A First Look At Kaga In The Game

By Sato . April 18, 2019 . 1:30am

Compile Heart’s shared the latest update on the naval action shooter game Azur Lane: Crosswave over at its official website with a first look at Kaga in the game.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Shows How Its Story Mode Plays, Details Other Modes

By Sato . April 12, 2019 . 6:30am

Compile Heart released the latest screenshots and details for Azur Lane: Crosswave, with info on how the game’s Story Mode plays as well as some of its other modes like Extreme Battle Mode, Photo Mode, and more.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Trailer Explains How To Play The Naval Battle Action Shooter

By Sato . April 10, 2019 . 1:18am

Compile Heart shared a new trailer for Azur Lane: Crosswave featuring Ayanami who explains the basics of the naval battle action shooter, starting with how you’ll shoot enemies and dodge attacks.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Reveals Screenshots For Playable Shimakaze, Suruga, Akagi, And Portland

By Sato . April 8, 2019 . 12:00am

Azur Lane: Crosswave’s two new playable characters Shimakaze and Suruga got new screenshots from Compile Heart on the game’s official website, which also shared a look at playable shipgirls Akagi and Portland.

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Azur Lane: Crosswave Adds In Shimakaze And Suruga To The Fray

By Alistair . April 6, 2019 . 2:04pm

During a stage event, Compile Heart and Yostar announced that Shimakaze and Suruga will be playable shipgirls in the upcoming action title Azur Lane: Crosswave, alongside story details and more.

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Destroyer Shipgirl Downes Joins Azur Lane: Crosswave

By Sato . April 4, 2019 . 12:30am

We recently got a look at a bunch of new characters joining the mix of Azur Lane: Crosswave, including Kongou and Mikasa, and Compile Heart shared one more with the Destroyer Downes as a support character.