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Azur Lane: Crosswave Introduces Its Story And Worldview; Comes Out 2019


azur lane crosswave


Azur Lane: Crosswave’s official website has been updated to reveal a 2019 release date, as well as a summary of the game’s story and the world it takes place in.


About Azur Lane: Crosswave

Several newcomers have joined the factions of Eagle Union, Royal, Ironblood, and Sakura Empire, and everyone continues to vigorously train every day.


During this time, the four factions decide to hold the Joint Military Exercise together.


With this large event where only the chosen few can enter looming ahead, every participants is getting fired up!


…But what led to the sudden announcement of the Joint Military Exercise?

…Who’s behind all this?


With several mysteries, new meetings, and a great ambition in store, a brand-new, never-before-seen naval battle is about to begin!



This is a world inhabited by Kan-Sen (warships) – beautiful, talented women fitted with  weapons and armor. In order to face against the unknown enemy called the Sirens, they train and drill their techniques every day. That said, there haven’t been any large-scale conflicts, and they are on good relations with each other.


Even for them, this Joint Military Exercise is a special event that has never happened before!


Azur Lane: Crosswave is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2019.

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