Azur Lane English 4th Anniversary Event Will Add KMS Blücher

Azur Lane English 4th anniversary event to add KMS Blücher

Yostar revealed more new Azur Lane content at the English 4th Anniversary stream it held in August 2022. It announced a new event titled “Operation Convergence” that will add three shipgirls. One of the new characters joining the ever-growing Azur Lane roster will take inspiration from KMS Blücher, the second ship of the Admiral Hipper-class of heavy cruisers.

The inclusion of KMS Blücher will complete the Admiral Hipper-class roster in Azur Lane. Besides Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen, the game has also included the other two ships that were historically never completed as German cruisers. The fourth ship Seydlitz became the projected converted carrier named Weser. The final ship Lützow appeared as a Northern Parliament shipgirl named Tallinn, as inspired by her historical transfer to the Soviet Union.

The new event will also feature the debut of KMS Z16, based on the destroyer named after Friedrich Eckholdt. In history, the ship met her end at the Battle of the Barents Sea after her crew mistook the British cruiser, HMS Sheffield, for Admiral Hipper. A fictional battlecruiser named KMS Brünhilde will complete the event’s roster.

“Operation Convergence” will be the third event featuring the Germany-inspired Iron Blood faction in less than a year. The 2022 new year holiday event, “Tower of Transcendence,” added mostly fictional ships inspired by the Kriegsmarine’s Plan Z, such as the H39 battleship Ulrich von Hutten. In late April 2022, the team launched “Rondo at Rainbow’s End” and added World War I-era warships like the light cruiser Emden.

The anniversary stream also revealed more content coming to the mobile game. DD-570 USS Charles Ausburne will receive a new retrofit that improves her stats and skills. CL-50 USS Helena will have a new wedding-inspired skin when the Commander has performed an Oath on her.

Azur Lane is available worldwide on iOS and Android devices. The “Operation Convergence” event will run from August 18 to 31, 2022.

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