Azur Lane’s First New Event of 2022 Stars Kronshtadt

Azur Lane 2022 first new event starring SN Kronshtadt

Yostar Japan revealed a new Azur Lane major event in a live stream on February 18, 2022. It will feature the Soviet large cruiser SN Kronshtadt as a new shipgirl with an Ultra Rare grade. That is the highest character rarity in Azur Lane.

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This event will add a variety of shipgirls based on historical and paper ships. Manjuu and Yongshi modeled Arkhangelsk after the loaned Royal Navy battleship HMS Royal Sovereign. Soobrazitelny is based on the historical Storozhevoy-class destroyer.

While the Soviet Navy did construct Kronshtadt and the destroyer Kiev in history, it canceled both before their completion. Meanwhile, SN Volga is a fictional shipgirl based on the Project 72 aircraft carrier concept.

Here is the full list of new shipgirls in the upcoming Azur Lane event. All of them will belong to the Soviet Union-inspired Northern Parliament faction.

  1. SN Kronshtadt – Ultra Rare Large Cruiser – Construction with pity system
  2. SN Kiev – Super Rare Destroyer – Construction and point exchange shop
  3. SN Volga – Super Rare Carrier – Construction-exclusive
  4. SN Arkhangelsk – Elite Battleship – Construction-exclusive
  5. SN Soobrazitelny – Elite Destroyer – Total point collection reward

In addition to the above event characters, Yostar also revealed that Scharnhorst META will become the next Operation Siren META Showdown boss and reward. She will replace her sister Gneisenau META on March 10, 2022.

During the December 2021 live stream, Yostar announced that it would add four new Ultra Rare shipgirls in 2022. SN Kronshtadt is now confirmed as the first Ultra Rare shipgirl in Azur Lane. Like all prior shipgirls with the same rarity grade, Commanders will be able to recruit her with a pity system after 200 pulls with 400 cubes.

Azur Lane is immediately available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices. The new Northern Parliament event starring SN Kronshtadt will run from February 24, 2022, to March 10, 2022.

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