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Azure Striker Gunvolt’s Seventh Boss Is A Rather Mysterious Individual


As detailed in past reports, Azure Striker Gunvolt’s story revolves around “psychics”—people that hold special powers. Every boss in the game is a psychic of some sort, working under the Sumeragi corporation, which has made it its mission to capture psychics around the world and place them into concentration camps.


Seven of these psychics serve as Gunvolt’s bosses. You’ve already seen three of them before. Below is a look at the other four, including one very mysterious individual.



Merak, the Slothful Conjurer:

Merak is a psychic that commands Sumeragi’s private army, and possesses the psychic ability “Wormhole”. He has a sharp mind and is valued as a strategist by Shiden, but is also entirely apathetic, sometimes not even getting up when he’s hit—not that he has to, considering he rides an armoured chair, which he uses in tandem with his Wormhole ability. Merak uses the sword Unwavering Spirit.

Merak’s armoured chair delivers a series of punches.


Merak opens up wormholes and passes Chair Punches through them so they appear right in front of GV.


Merak uses wormholes to split his armoured chair’s missile launcher into several
launchers that then direct missiles at GV one after the other.


Merak uses a wormhole to enlarge a Chair Punch into gigantic proportions.


Merak’s Special Ability: Merak’s armored chair fires a giant laser beam that continues going after GV by passing through a series of wormholes.


Iota, the The Prideful Silhouette:

Iota is a psychic who protects the massive Sumeragi communications tower, Amaterasu. He possesses the psychic ability “Lightspeed”. A former soldier, Iota left the military under the belief that serving Sumeragi was the only way to truly bring peace and stability to his country. His sword of choice is the Shadow Dragon.


Iota rapidly places his photon guns around the room, which then fire laser beams at GV.


Photon guns set up at the left and right sides of the room charge straight at GV. Their flight paths can be deflected with the Flashfield.


Iota appears in a flash in front of GV and fires numerous vertical and horizontal laser beams.


Both Iota and his photon guns charge at high speeds at GV at different times.


Iota’s Special Ability: Iota slices through the space‐time fabric to give GV no place to run, then repeatedly charges at him at high speeds.


Carrera, the Magnetic Avarice:

Carrera is a psychic in Sumeragi’s Psychic Hunter Unit and possesses the psychic ability “Magnetic Arts”. He’s described as a “pure fighter” who joined the unit simply for the chance to battle powerful psychics. He has a habit of speaking very formally, and mentions “strength” and “battles against titans” in just about every conversation.


Carrera uses the Magnetic Arts ability to produce a special magnetic field that attracts other psychics. This field also has the effect of temporarily blocking the use of psychic abilities. Naturally, this is a quality that Sumeragi prizes highly, as it makes capturing psychics all the easier. His sword of choice is named Rockslicer.


Carrera uses magnetic forces to fling himself at GV at high velocity.


Carrera throws his shoulder pads at GV to bind him, and then swings down powerfully with his fist to create strong winds that blow everything away.


Carrera creates a fist‐shaped cluster of metal by magnetizing metal in the area that then flies at GV. Lightning attacks by GV during this time will cause more metal to attach to the cluster and make it grow larger.


Carrera’s Special Ability: Carrera produces a black hole in the centre of the room that explodes as soon as it sucks in its victim, instantly killing them.


Zonda, the Lustful Mirage:


Zonda is another psychic in Sumeragi’s Psychic Hunter Unit. Zonda possesses the psychic ability “Mirror,” and uses the sword Crow Child. Zonda’s age, gender and background are all shrouded in mystery.


Even among Sumeragi’s top brass, very few know anything about Zonda. Even less is known about Zonda’s Mirror ability, often reputed to be some sort of illusion-based power. Zonda is among Sumeragi’s most powerful psychics, and it said to be as powerful as Gunvolt and Shiden.


If you look closely at the image of Zonda in her weaponized form above, you’ll see a mirror image behind her(?) with a slightly different design. One outfit appears to be male, while the other appears to be female. Here’s a closer look:

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