Bahamut Senki on Genesis Gets English Fan Translation

Bahamut Senki

Bahamut Senki, a war simulation game on the Sega Genesis developed by Sega itself, is finally playable in English thanks to fan translators TheMajinZenki, supper, cccmar, and filler. More people are now able to experience this unknown turn-based strategy title for themselves.

Up to four players can play Bahamut Senki together and take control of the leader of one of the eight factions that are trying to gain control over the fantasy continent of Bahamut. The game is notable for the complex strategies required in each turn. There are political events, such as invasions, alliances, or negotiations, and hex-based command battles that can even lead to taking control of commanders for action combat segments. There are forty pieces of land to fight over in the continent of Bahamut, and neutral territories will randomly spawn wild enemies that players will need to defeat in order to claim the land as theirs

Considering the depth of gameplay, the translation team has also translated the two instruction manuals that came with the game, which are critical to understanding how to play.

Check out some screenshots below:

Bahamut Senki originally released for Sega Genesis back in 1991. You can find the translation patch at

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