Bandai’s Eevee Model Kit Is an Easy Build That Gives People a Detailed Buddy


    As part of Siliconera’s fusion dance with Japanator, we’re hoping to look at different sorts of game-related items and media that we hadn’t covered in the past. That includes things like a detailed look at a Geralt Nendoroid, and now this detailed look at a Bandai Pokemon model kit. In addition to things like Gunpla, Bandai occasionally has plastic models based on other properties, and that includes things like an Eevee model kit.

    eevee model kit

    Fortunately for people who might be interested, but also intimidated, this is one of the easiest and quickest builds out there. Yet, at the same time, it is going to result in a cute figure with a surprising number of points of articulation. This means you can do lots of posing and even swap between two different face plates.

    eevee model kit

    The first thing you need to know going into this Pokemon model kit is that it is an effortless build. You don’t need sprue nippers to separate the parts from the runners. There are only four runners total, and none of them have over twelve parts on them. Everything arrives prepainted and the parts that aren’t painted involve stickers, so you’re set there. The pieces can be popped out of the runners with a minimal amount of effort. Everything snaps together, so you don’t have to worry about glue.

    eevee model kit

    The good thing about the Eevee model kit is that it is a very common-sense build. While more complex models will have you building up components, here you have a head, the ears, the mane, the body, the four legs, and the tail. Honestly, it goes from most complex to least. The head consists of two faceplates, and the instructions ask you to pick one. (If you’re familiar with these models, have reasonably long nails, or even don’t press so the plate is flush with the head, it is easy to swap between these as desired.) Each face plate has a black piece that pops into place from behind, making for a more natural expression. The head also features the first two bits of articulation, as each ear can move and turn in its socket.

    eevee model kit

    Another surprisingly articulated part of the Eevee model kit is the mane. It consists of five parts, with one fluffy tuft attached by a hinge and the others with three ball joints. The collar, as a whole, lays loosely around the finished Pokemon’s neck. This means you can still have some degree of movement for Eevee’s head, to allow it to pitch up and down or turn, but you can also adjust the fur so it could be ruffled or express a more active appearance.

    eevee model kit 12

    The only tool I would suggest during the build is a pair of tweezers. While this is very simple, the only “large” stickers are the ones for the inside of Eevee’s ears. The rest are all quite tiny. Having a pair to get paw pads into place is a godsend. Also, if you are a perfectionist, you might want to have some sandpaper or a nail file to smooth down an occasional rough seam. The front paw image here, in particular, shows both of these issues. A little finishing can help make it look even more natural and professional.

    eevee model kit

    All told, a finished Eevee from this Bandai model kit has lots of moving parts that really help with giving the character personality. Each ear has a ball joint socket, to allow lots of freedom of movement. The tail does as well, though its size limits its range. Its hind legs are limited to back and forth movement, allowing for sitting and running. The front legs and move forward, back, and spread out for more active poses. The head can turn and pitch up and down. Plus, the four parts of the mane can move, though the front is the most easily adjusted. All told, it gives you a lot to do.

    eevee model kit

    The Eevee model kit is a fun way to spend about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes, then have a really professional looking figure at the end. It has more movement than you would expect for a model of this quality. Bandai has everything prepared and ready, so people don’t have to have any experience or invest in tools. Plus, it gives you a chance to see if building kits would be something they would be interested in doing. Especially considering its low price point and popular subject.

    The Bandai Eevee model kit is available worldwide, and you can usually find one for around $8-12.

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