One of the more unique visual novel-like games on iPhone is a title called Bar Oasis. Released in 2011, Bar Oasis puts you in the shoes of a bartender who specializes in mixing drinks. You start out with a few choices of liquor, take orders from customers, and mix and serve drinks for them accordingly.


As the game goes on, more and more customers come to your bar, and the range of drinks you can mix increases greatly, too. Bar Oasis could be considered a management game but it also has a lengthy story that you play through by talking to the different customers that visit your bar. The game costs $2.99.


Recently, the developers of Bar Oasis, Ultramine, released a follow-up, titled Bar Oasis 1.5. This game takes place between the original and the upcoming Bar Oasis 2, and features more drinks to mix, more customers, and a new story. Bar Oasis 1.5 is free.



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