Batman: Arkham Knight will be five times the size of Arkham City, but will also be taller, says Rocksteady Studios’ Marketing Producer, Dax Ginn. Speaking with the PlayStation Blog, Ginn discussed a few aspects of the game in the video below.



At one point in Batman: Arkham Knight, you’ll get to dive out of Bruce’s personal office at the top of Wayne Tower. The drop goes down a long way and lets you pick up a draft of wind and glide for quite a while before you ever touch the ground.


The Batmobile, which is new to Arkham Knight, has two modes—Pursuit Mode and Battle Mode. The latter turns the Batmobile into a slower-moving tank that can fire missiles and other armaments. You’ll be able to transform between the two at any time.


Also new to the game is something called “Fear Takedowns”. Fear Takedowns are moves that allow Batman to take down multiple armed thugs with a single move.


Ginn says that making Scarecrow the main villain in Batman: Arkham Knight was planned all along. Scarecrow and Joker were the two main villains in Arkham Asylum, and Scarecrow was deliberately left out of Arkham City in order to prepare him for the position of main villain in Arkham Knight.


Another new villain is, of course, the Arkham Knight. The The Arkham Knight fills a vacuum in that he challenges Batman in a combative way. He’s the commander of a vast military force that is occupying Gotham. Dealing with his forces is why Batman needs something like the Batmobile’s Battle Mode.


Batman: Arkham Knight is in development for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and will be released in 2015.

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