Battle Season 1’s Taichi And Sora In Digimon World Re:Digitize


Digimon World Re:Digitize supports wireless battle, which uses the PSP ad hoc connection to link up to four players together. The option is selected from the title menu, and from there, you can select to play Cooperative mode or Versus mode. Cooperative mode places all players against enemies, and there’s a special mode called Boss Raid that pits you against a boss from the game.


In contrast, Versus mode places all players in a free-for-all against each other. Fighting the wireless battles may get you rare items and titles upon victory, as well as unlock new evolutions. You can store up to ten Digimon in the DigiStorage to choose from for wireless battles. These can be selected and saved from Digimon you’ve raised and DigiMemories.


Guest characters will appear during the wireless battles, too. You can fight Taichi Yagami and Sora Takenouchi, protagonists from the first season of the anime, in battle against their partner Digimon. Only after you’ve defeated Taichi’s WarGreymon can you get a WarGreymon of your own.


(Interestingly, their appearance matches their appearance from the anime despite the supposed time lapse.)

There’s also new information available about a few locations on File Island. Powdery Cliffs (below) is an area with ever-falling snow, surrounded by ruins, sunken ships, and mountains.



Meanwhile, Binary Castle (above) is a strange area revered as a holy area, with arching ceilings and pillars covered with monitors. It’s said to be where all the data in File Island is calculated.


More information has been released about the DigiTower, too. The DigiTower, where the Coliseum and the training facilities are, is actually what was once Infinity Mountain. Enormous amounts of data constantly flow in and out of the tower between the Real World and the Digital World, and it can be said to be a pillar that supports and links both worlds.


Several more Digimon in the game have also been released. These include Omegamon, Rosemon, Vamdemon, DORUmon, MegaSeadramon, and MegaDramon. Most appear as enemies, though you can almost certainly raise them as well. DORUmon also manages the wireless battle menu for you.


Finally, there’s some more information about the plot involving GIGO Co. and the blackened Digimon. Digimon of this form are composed entirely of data crystals, which gives off a high energy but also constantly leaks data, causing the Digimon’s body to deteriorate. Someone who may hold the key to the secret behind these new Digimon may be Prof. Petrov, Nick’s father, who works at GIGO. (This information is available from this blog.)