Battletoads NES Legacy Cartridge Collection Gives People New Playable Carts

battletoads nes battletoads legacy cartridge collection a

Battletoads is back, and I’m not talking about the Xbox One and PC version from Rare and Dlala Studios that just launched on August 20, 2020. iam8bit, Rare, Xbox Game Studios, Retrotainment Games, Infinite NES Lives, and Jango Snow Art & Design are all teaming up for a Battletoads NES rerelease. The Legacy Cartridge Collection will arrive in Q3 2020.

The Battletoads Legacy Cartridge Collection is a limited release of new, playable NES cartridges. For $99.99, people get one of the 2,000 copies. It’s packed in a replica of the original package, comes with a premium instruction manual with new forward from Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil, and will supposedly have “retro pack-in surprises.”

What’s neat is that there will actually be two different possible Battletoads NES cartridges you could get. Each box will randomly include either the translucent Zitz Green or Pimple Brown cart. The green one is the common design, while the brown will be the rare one.

Here’s a look at all of the cartridge options and their boxes.

There’s also a new Battletoads soundtrack release on the way from iam8bit. The Battletoads: Smash Hits 2xLP will have one disc with original Battletoads music from David Wise and a second with songs from the 2020 game. It’s $42.99 for the Pimple Pink vinyl, and 500 copies will come with Rash’s Toadally Rad Adventure on a cassette.

Battletoads Legacy Cartridge Collection will launch in Q3 2020, while Battletoads: Smash Hits will appear in Q4 2020.

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