In a post on the PlatinumGames blog, Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 sound designer Daisuke Sakata touches upon his job and how he goes about designing sounds for the game. In particular, Sakata talks about the presence of both angel and demon enemies in Bayonetta 2, and he he created sounds for each.



“As far as angelic sounds were concerned, we had figured out our overall concept for angelic sound design in the first game, so that was a process of simply importing those sounds over,” Sakata writes, providing the video above as an example of angelic enemy sounds.


“The real challenge for us was figuring out what a demonic sound was, since those enemies didn’t exist in the first game,” Sakata says. The video below provides an example of the kind of demonic sounds you’ll hear in the game.



“If angelic sounds could be described with words like sacred and divine, we figured demonic sounds would probably best be characterized by the opposite, words like profane and unholy,” Sakata explains. “I started creating sounds by using these keywords as a guide.”


Bayonetta 2 will be released this October for Wii U and will include a copy of the original Bayonetta, ported to Wii U with enhancements, as well.


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