Takaaki Yamaguchi serves the role of “motion designer” on Bayonetta 2. A motion designer’s job is to provide movement to anything in the game that requires it. This includes making sure that enemies are animated properly, that their moves are easy to understand, and that the playable character’s controls feel right as well.



In Bayonetta 2, Yamaguchi says, enemies’ reactions change depending on the kind of attack Bayonetta performs. The video above shows off an example of enemy reactions from Bayonetta 1, while the video below shows off reactions from Bayonetta 2.



“My challenge to myself for Bayonetta 2 was to create the right enemy motion for each attack,” Yamaguchi writes. “We had plenty of enemy reactions that would change depending on what attack Bayonetta performed, but I wanted to take this further for Bayonetta 2.”


He adds: “Doing a little research, I realized that the enemies in Bayonetta 2 have an average of 3.5x the number of reactions as those in the original.”


Bayonetta 2 is scheduled for release this October on Wii U.


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