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Helpful Fire Emblem Engage Madeline Classes, Skills, and Emblem Rings

Best Fire Emblem Engage Madeline Marni Classes, Skills, and Emblem Rings Fell xenologue

Madeline, who some might also know as Marni, becomes a playable character after the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue. She’s one of the more straightforward ones too! She’s a strong, solid young woman. Which means when you’re figuring out a build for her, she isn’t too difficult to make great.

Possible Madeline Classes in Fire Emblem Engage

There are two things Madeline is good at. One is hitting an enemy, and the other is taking a hit. Her defense and strength stats are ridiculous when she joins your Fire Emblem Engage army after Fell Xenologue, and her growth rates are best in those two stats.

Which means she honestly arrives in one of the two classes best suited to her. She joins your party as a General, and it works for her! She can swap to protect allies and do what she does best, which is take hits. If you want to give her a little more mobility, being a Great Knight isn’t a bad idea either. But really, let her be an invincible armored unit. Plus her Knightly Code personal skill ensures she takes less damage if she is next to an allied character when she’s attacked.

If you wanted to spend a lot of money on an extra Mage Cannon, you could always try making her a Mage Cannoneer. Her dexterity and build aren’t too bad, though Boucheron or Bunet would be better choices for that. Still, it is an option.

Possible Madeline Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

You want Madeline doing lots of damage and withstanding attacks. That means the two heavy hitter Emblem Rings should be your priority. Let her befriend Hector and Ike. Her speed is so low that Hector’s Quick Riposte will be invaluable, as will his Impenetrable and Adaptability to increase defense and resistance. Meanwhile, Ike’s Laguz Friend and Resolve will also help keep her alive after taking multiple hits.

Possible Madeline Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

You want Madeline to be a wall, so give her skills that make her an even better, harder hitting wall! Here are some I’d recommend for her.

  • Adaptability+: 700 SP and bond level 19 with Hector. “When hit by a foe’s attack, grants Def+3 for a physical attack or Res+3 for a magical attack after combat. Lasts until edn of battle, or unit activated again.”
  • Heavy Attack: 3,000 SP and bond level 8 with Hector. “When making a physical attack, if an equipped weapon’s Wt exceeds unit’s Bld, adds excess as damage.”
  • Quick Riposte: 3,000 SP and bond level 16 with Hector. “If unit’s HP is 60% or more and foe initiates combat, unit will always follow up (if weapon allows).
  • Reposition: 200 SP and bond level 5 with Ike. “Use to move an adjacent ally to the opposite side of unit.”
  • Resolve: 2,000 SP and bond level 18 with Ike. “If unit’s HP is 75% or less after combat, grants Def/Res+7 as long as unit’s HP stays below 75%.”
  • Wrath: 2,000 SP and bond level 13 with Ike. “At start of combat, for each HP the unit has lost, grants Crit+1 during combat. (Max +30.)”

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, as is the Fell Xenologue DLC.

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