Blade & Soul is getting a pet system in Korea. Three pets will be released for the game this August: Amaterasu, Flame Emperor, and Penguin. More pets are planned for release in the future, and players will be allowed to design pets as well, NCSoft said during their announcement. (Thanks, Freedom Plays)



Pets can be obtained from dungeons, achievements, or purchased.


In addition to pets, Blade & Soul is also getting “wings”. Wings are primarily for cosmetic purposes—so there’s no flying around like in—and they can be obtained via the crafting profession or from dungeons. NCSoft say that wings might grant non-combat related stats to the wings, but this hasn’t been decided yet.


Finally, the last two major updates are the addition of an apprentice system, which will encourage veterans to mentor newbies, and a new character class that is planned for release sometime within the next year.

Ishaan Sahdev
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