Blue Protocol Character Classes Detailed


A recent promotional stream described the playable Blue Protocol character classes. There are five playable classes in the game: The Aegis Fighter, Heavy Smasher, Twin Striker, Blast Archer, and Spell Caster. These character classes were known about as far back as 2020, but the stream went into a bit more detail. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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Blue Protocol Heavy Smasher

The Heavy Smasher uses a large hammer in combat and is a Blue Protocol character class that fights at close to medium range. It can shake the ground in a single strike and topple enemies in front of it, and also plays a protective role in the party. It’s ideal for playing a “sub-tank” role, helping the main tank keep the rest of the party safe. It uses “cartridges” as part of its unique mechanics.

aegis fighter

The Aegis fighter uses a sword and shield, and can actually change its ultimate skill. This Blue Protocol character class serves as the lynchpin of defense in all situations. It uses its skills to keep enemies at bay and give the party combat advantage.

Twin Striker

The Twin Striker uses dual axes in a fight, and thrives in the middle of battle. It uses constant attacks and dodging to build up a gauge and maintain its power. The team said that the class has been tweaked to make it easier to maintain the combo gauge.

Blast Archer

The Blast Archer is a ranged Blue Protocol character class that supports the party with combat from a distance. The Blast Archer can also use recovery skills to aid the party in a variety of situations.

spell caster

The Spell Caster is a ranged class that needs to keep back from the enemy. But their true worth is in combat with a party, where as long as they have EP they can keep throwing out powerful attacks. The team also adjusted the ranged classes to have backwards dodge moves to help them stay safe.

Blue Protocol is in development and targeted for a Spring 2023 release on PC. A network test for the game is scheduled for mid-January 2023 in Japan. An international release is planned, but does not have a release window. The game will also appear at The Game Awards on December 8, 2022.

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