Blue Protocol Will Start Service at Noon

Blue Protocol launch
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The official start of Blue Protocol in Japan is June 14, 2023 at 12pm JST. That would convert to June 13, 2023 at 8pm PT/11pm ET. Since servers will only be in Japan, it’s unknown if people outside the country will be able to access it, or if they will simply suffer through ping issues. The Blue Protocol Regnas Store will also be unavailable immediately after launch.

The reason why the Regnas Store won’t be available right after Blue Protocol servers open is because there will be some final checks to make sure that everything is working alright. Once that finishes, players will be able to access it. So far, it looks like the Regnas Store will open at around 3pm JST. There will be news on both the official website and Twitter if there are any changes to this time estimate.

Blue Protocol is an upcoming MMORPG that will be free-to-play. It will be set in a fantasy world. Streams from Bandai Namco about Blue Protocol introduced players to some of the classes, such as Heavy Smashes, Blast Archer, and Spell Caster. Some pre-registration bonuses include dyes for your character. So if you have not yet pre-registered, you should do so with your Bandai Namco ID for further character customization options.

Blue Protocol will go live at 12pm JST on June 14, 2023 for Windows PC in Japan. PS4 and PS5 versions will come out later. The worldwide release will come out in 2024 after a delay.

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