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Box Art Love: FolksSoul


Ever since Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realms was announced, not much was really said about it aside from the fact that it’s part of the Monster Kingdom universe. After going through a name change to FolksSoul: Ushinawareta Denshou, there still hasn’t been much information regarding this title’s battle system.


The game revolves around two characters, Ellen and Keats. Ellen receives a letter from her dead mother which leads her to a village where she’s able to speak to the dead; Keats, on the other hands, receives a letter from a girl and ends up crossing paths with Ellen in the same village. The similarity FolksSoul has with Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner is the idea of summoning monsters to aid you in battle by extracting their "ID". Based on what information the official Japanese site has given, with an update that only mentions the game’s name change, I wouldn’t be surprised if FolksSoul turns out to play similarly or exactly like Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army.


Anyway, isn’t the box art for the game awesome?




Also, how do you think FolksSoul will hold up? Think it’ll spike up some PS3 sales in Japan? The game has a release date of 6/21 though Play-Asia has it listed as 6/07. Hmmm…

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