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Bravely Default II Trailer Introduces the New Oracle Job and Rimedahl Asterisk Holders

Bravely Default II Trailer Oracle Job Rimedahl Asterisk Holders

The latest Bravely Default II trailer introduces us to the snow kingdom of Rimedahl and Asterisk Holders from the region, including one for the new “Oracle” job.

Check out the Bravely Default II “Deep Snow Kingdom of Rimedahl” trailer from Square Enix below:

Bravely Default II  Trailer – Deep Snow Kingdom of Rimedahl

Rimedahl is a kingdom covered with snow and ice. According to a legend, a dragon saved the kingdom about 1,000 years ago. Since then, the followers of the Rimedahl orthodox church have worshipped the dragon that allegedly protected their home.

The first character introduced in the trailer is Martha Lancer, the Asterisk Holder for the Dragoon job. Members of her family have served as guardians of the “Dragon Cave” for many generations. The second one is the Swordmaster Asterisk Holder, Gladys Kelly. She’s a priestess at the church and works with Helio to interrogate fairies that are tricking humans. She’s been hunting fairies ever since they killed her parents.

Helio is the Asterisk Holder for the Spiritmaster job. He’s an inquisitor recognized by the high priest Domenic and tasked to find fairies disguised as humans. The high-priest of Rimedahl, Domenic, is the Asterisk Holder for a new job in Bravely Default II, the Oracle. An Oracle can control “laws.” Oracles can change the target enemy’s speed and even their elemental attributes. Lastly, the trailer introduces Glenn Booth, the Asterisk Holder of the Salve-Maker job. He’s the mayor of a nearby village looking for a way to wake his brother from a deep slumber.

Bravely Default II will release for the Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021. If you’ve yet to check out the Final Demo, you can try it out now to look at the game’s first chapter. Find out more about the jobs and Asterisk Holders of Bravely Default II here. You can also check out the previous trailer with Asterisk Holders from Wiswald here.

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