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Bravely Default Is A Japanese RPG Inspired By American TV, Says Producer


Bravely Default producer Tomoya Asano recently answered a couple of fan questions directed at him through Nintendo of America on their 3DS Facebook page. Among these was a question that asked what inspired the storyline for the game.


Asano replied, “We created the world view as a fantasy RPG with a story revolving around crystals, because that way RPG fans won’t have any trouble jumping right into the world. The exaggerated characters are cute and players can enjoy them on their adventures.”


He elaborated: “Basically this is comedic up to the point where you start really liking the characters, and then the drama develops. I used the methodology of American TV dramas like the older Beverly Hills 90210 (I’m a huge fan!), and Glee as references.”


“In terms of games, a number of games developed outside of Japan had major influence on the storytelling,” Asano continued. “So if you think about it, I guess you could call Bravely Default a traditional Japanese RPG with American content thrown in. I look forward to hearing what all of you in the Americas think of it!”


Asasno is currently at work on a sequel to Bravely Default, titled Bravely Second.


Image courtesy Nintendo.

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