Silicon Studio, the developer of hit Square Enix RPG Bravely Default and 3D Dot Heroes, aren’t strictly a videogame developer. They’re a technology company first and foremost, and have had their technology licensed by companies like Square Enix, who use Silicon Studio’s middleware in their new Luminous Engine.


The middleware in question is called YEBIS 2, which is a next-gen post-rendering middleware solution, and was recently used by Square Enix in their Agni’s Philosophy tech demo.


Silicon Studio announced this past week that it is now available for Microsoft’s Xbox One platform. A trailer for the engine can be viewed above.


“YEBIS 2 is the world’s only middleware with multi-color customizable glare effects, depth of field effects, motion blur, bokeh, and more,” Silicon Studio say. “YEBIS 2 provides various high-quality lens effects which can be used on a broad range of development platforms including Xbox One.”


More information on YEBIS 2 can be found here. In a recent interview with Siliconera, Silicon Studio CEO Takehiko Terada shared explained that the studio provides middleware both for traditional gaming platforms as well as smartphones.


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