Bravely Second, Square Enix’s next Nintendo 3DS RPG, will receive a free downloadable demo via the Nintendo eShop in Japan on December 10th, the publisher has announced.


Just what the demo will contain hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ll report details once they’re available.


Bravely Second takes place after Bravely Default. Agnes, one of the four protagonists from the first game, is now pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy. Agnes ends up being kidnapped by a man named Oblivion, and one of the goals of the game is to rescue her.


You’ll be taking control of a new party to rescue Agnes. Bravely Second’s lead character is Magnolia Arch, a “Baal Buster” that cooperates with the knights of the Crystal Orthodoxy to bring Agnes back.


Bravely Second is scheduled for release sometime this Winter in Japan.


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