Buff Vyrn Leads the Latest Grand Blues! Anime Promo

Grand Blues Anime

Need a few buff boys to dance the pain away? Cygames provides, via the latest brief promotional video for the Grand Blues! anime. Grand Blues! is the title of the comic strip that runs alongside Granblue Fantasy. Filled with humorous asides and in-jokes about Granblue Fantasy characters and in-jokes, the strip has run for more than 1500 issues. The dance should give potential viewers a taste of the show’s comedic sensibility:

Most prominent among the strip’s characters is the buff lizard dancing in the clip: Vyrn. Voiced by actress Rie Kugimiya, Vyrn is Gran (and Djeeta’s) best friend and constant companion. His Grand Blues incarnation is a considerably more caustic presence, and has a number of powers his “canon” version doesn’t, including shapeshifting as the whims of humor demand. He shows up every April Fools’ day as “Dark Vy7rn” to torment players and give them a chance to unlock special cosmetic skins.

Other prominent in-jokes include the endless appetite of Granblue heroine Lyria, and her bond with the Primal Beast Albacore:

Grand Blues! begins broadcasting in October 2020 in Japan. Meanwhile Granblue Fantasy is available on iOS, Android, and on PC via browser. Players disinclined to try out a gacha game can consider a few rounds in Granblue Versus, which recently released its Belial DLC.

Josh Tolentino
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