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Caligula Is Releasing In The Americas And Europe In Spring 2017 For PlayStation Vita



Just as we thought E3 2016 was over, Atlus had one more surprise to share with fans by announcing that they’re publishing FuRyu’s upcoming PS Vita RPG Caligula in North America and Europe in Spring 2017.


The story of Caligula is written by Tadashi Satomi, known for having written the scenario for the first Persona games along with some work in the Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner games. The story is about a group of students trapped in “Mobius,” a virtual reality world that repeats three years of an ideal high school in a loop.


The story will follow a group of youths that form their own organization after realizing that something was off about this artificial world, as they find a way to escape… however, a vocal software called μ who is the creator of Mobius has other plans. You can read more about the game’s story here. You can also learn more about its “Imaginary Chain” battle system, a unique one that lets you visualize your actions before pulling them off, here.


Caligula will release as a digital download title for both the Americas and Europe in Spring 2017. Atlus will provide us with more details in the near future, but you can check out screenshots for the game below:











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