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Caligula’s First Teaser Trailer And Screenshots Show Off Its Virtual World And Characters



FuRyu recently announced Caligula, an RPG with Persona 1 and 2 scenario writer Tadashi Satomi, where you’re stuck in an ideal virtual reality high school that loops every 3 years. Famitsu provides the latest with a teaser trailer and its first screenshots.


Here are details on Caligula, from our earlier report:


In Caligula the students are trapped in Mobius, a virtual reality world where those within it repeatedly relive the three years of an ideal high school. Those inside Mobius continue to live with no recollection of the real world.


The main characters begin to come to their own realizations that they’re not living in the real world, and form a “Return Group,” as part of their own desires to return to the real world, and begin to find a way to do just that.


However, there are some members that suffered in the real world and were saved by Mobius, as they have a hidden darkness that can’t be shared with others.




Mobius is an ideal world that was created by the vocal soft “μ.” Here, there are those that were in despair in the real world and were saved by her song that granted them ideal situations. Regardless of age and gender, those in Mobius become high schoolers and relive its three years in a loop.





Combat might look like an action game, but it’s actions are command-based, so you’ll get to take your time with it. Defeating enemies in battle can get you experience and also skills that drop. There are numerous skills and quite the variety of them, so it’ll be possible to customize, with plenty of depth.


Caligula will release on June 23, 2016 for PlayStation Vita. The game is being developed by Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment makers, Aquria.

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