If the UMD-less PSP does launch this year, you can bet there’s going to be a ton of Capcom content waiting for it. “We’ll definitely be looking at a lot of titles that have things like Street Fighter and Resident Evil in the title,”  Senior Director of Communications at Capcom, Chris Kramer said to Joystiq.


“We’re thinking about putting together a long list of the titles we’re looking at, and then releasing it on Capcom Unity and having people vote on them. Ultimately we’re looking at bringing between 20 and 40 titles to the PSN over the next several months.”


In a separate comment at Capcom-Unity, VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development (never gets old, does it?), Christian Svensson also hinted at more support for Nintendo’s Virtual Console service. Here’s the conversation from the forum thread.


With the Wii having Arcade games added to the Virtual Console, I was wondering if Capcom had any plans to add any of their arcade games to the library, along w/ any other plans to add any more NES, SNES, N64 (though only 3 was made, MM64, RE2, & Magical Tetris Challenge), & Genesis games to the VC.


Arcade-wise, is there a limit as to what you can add (obviously, you can’t add SFIV, MvC2, or TvC)?


Sven: Given how digitally focused we are, what do you think? Cool


I have nothing to discuss right now though.


While a PSN release is almost a given, it certainly would be nice to have Resident Evil 2 on Virtual Console in anticipation for The Darkside Chronicles. Perhaps we’ll see it later this year?

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