Capcom Looking Forward To Announcing Several New Titles In 2014


Aside from the new Strider game and Ultra Street Fighter IV, things are still up in the air as to what else we’ll be seeing from Capcom this year. In addition to the new Ace Attorney game, there are naturally other projects in the works, and a few Capcom developers shed some light on what they’ve been up to, during an end-of-year talk with 4Gamer.


“2013 was also Capcom’s 30th anniversary, and we were able to reintroduce past titles by reviving them in the form of arcade games through the Capcom Arcade Cabinet. How did you guys like it?asks Kenji Kataoka, who also recently worked on Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara.


“I can’t say too much about it now, but I’m currently working hard on being able to announce new titles throughout 2014,” shares Kataoka. “It might take a little longer, but I believe that we’ll have something once the weather starts getting a little warmer, so please look forward to it. Also, I hope you guys continue supporting Capcom in 2014.”


Next, 4Gamer talks to Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who has worked on Resident Evil, Sengoku Basara, and Gaist Crusher.


“In 2014, I’d really like to be active and develop as much as possible!” exclaims Kobayashi. “It’d also make me really happy if we could show you guys the new developments for different series! On January 23, 2014, Sengoku Basara 4 will also be coming out! I think that we’ll be offering a lot for people from the start of the new year. Thank you for your continued support!”


Finally, 4Gamer speaks to Kazunori Sugiura, producer of titles such as Monster Hunter Frontier G, Deep Down, Breath of Fire 6, and more.


“In 2013, we had three big announcements in Monster Hunter Frontier G, deep down, and Breath of Fire 6,” says Sugiura. “It’d bring me great pleasure if we could continue announcing more for those titles.”


“Again, there are plenty of announcements we couldn’t make in 2013 for major and new titles!” he continues. “We’ll most likely be announcing them in 2014, and I believe that we’ll be surprising many of you readers out there.”


“In addition to the online and browser games I work on within the second development division, I’m also currently working on a fighting game. In 2014, we’ll marking those genres with something like ‘Capcom was here!’ as a way to continue our appeal. So please look forward to it!”

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