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Capcom’s Action RPG deep down Isn’t Dead, But They’re Running Out Of Time

By Sato . August 8, 2016 . 3:00am

We haven’t heard anything about Capcom’s upcoming online action RPG deep down since last year, but the company has extended its trademark in the US, for the fifth time.

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Capcom Hope To Operate Deep Down And Other Online Games For 10 Years

By Ishaan . April 6, 2015 . 4:32pm

The company has a 10-year plan, the first three years of which will be spent examining what features players like best.

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Yoshinori Ono Explains Why We Haven’t Heard Much About deep down

By Sato . February 19, 2015 . 2:40am

“It looks like deep down will take just a little longer. It also looks like some people are starting to ask ‘did the development come to a halt?’ but it’s nothing like that,” says Ono with a laugh.

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Capcom Are Currently Working On Over 10 Online Titles

By Sato . February 9, 2015 . 4:44am

I believe that 2015 will be the year that Capcom will release the most online games ever,” says Kazunori Sugiura.

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deep down Screenshots Reveal The Green Dungeon

By Spencer . December 25, 2014 . 12:58am

deep down producer Sugiura posted an update about their PlayStation 4 RPG. He apologized about the public test originally scheduled for 2014 ended up not coming out.

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Capcom’s Deep Down Has A New Trailer At Tokyo Game Show

By Ishaan . September 17, 2014 . 7:57pm

A new trailer for Capcom’s free-to-play fantasy action game.

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deep down’s Open Beta Test Will Start Sometime In 2015

By Sato . August 29, 2014 . 2:28am

At the moment, Capcom are testing out all kinds of different things on the game, and ask fans to wait just a little longer.

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Deep Down’s Devious Spiked Barrel Trap

By Spencer . August 3, 2014 . 11:39pm

Capcom hasn’t said much about deep down, their online game set in the future where players explore dungeons in search of memories. On Twitter, a single screenshot of one of deep down’s traps was shared.

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Deep Down Being Free-to-Play Is A Necessary Risk Says Capcom

By Ishaan . July 29, 2014 . 12:29pm

During a recent shareholders meeting, Capcom were asked to comment on Deep Down and the fact that the free-to-play approach can be very risky.

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New deep down Trailer, Still No Time Frame For Its Release

By Sato . June 11, 2014 . 2:45am

In deep down, players will travel to the past by reading memories in order to solve mysteries that took place during that time. While Capcom didn’t show too much of it in E3, they shared a look at the game’s latest “E3 2014 Version” trailer.

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Yoshinori Ono Walks Us Through The Dungeons Of deep down

By Sato . March 21, 2014 . 1:00pm

Ono explains that dungeons in deep down will be filled with various gimmicks and traps, so going through them won’t be easy. These will be randomly-generated, but you’ll be able to learn to predict them.

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Deep Down Gets A New Trailer In Celebration Of Japan’s PS4 Launch

By Ishaan . February 21, 2014 . 8:30am

Capcom have shared a new trailer for their free-to-play PlayStation 4 RPG, deep down, ahead of Japan’s PS4 launch tomorrow.

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DLC Is “New Form Of Something That Has Existed All Along” Says Capcom’s Ono

By Ishaan . February 4, 2014 . 11:00am

“In the past we didn’t offer DLC, but instead sold sequels or updates as packaged versions,” says Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono, while discussing the company’s stance on downloadable content.

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deep down Shows How Weapons And Armor Will Come Into Play

By Sato . February 3, 2014 . 2:01pm

Here’s a look at some of the different kinds of weapons and armor in deep down.

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Amount Of Work For Next-Gen Is “Eight To Ten Times Greater” Says Capcom

By Ishaan . January 9, 2014 . 11:35pm

It is for this reason that Capcom developed their “Panta Rhei” engine, says Capcom’s Masaru Ijuin.

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