PlayStation 4

deep down’s Open Beta Test Will Start Sometime In 2015



Kazunori Sugiura and Teruki Miyashita have worked on Monster Hunter Frontier G for Capcom, but the two producers have also been charged with the upcoming free-to-play PlayStation 4 title, deep down. They recently shared the latest developments for the game.



Sugiura starts out by explaining that while we’ve seen nothing but deep down screenshots lately (along with teases from Yoshinori Ono), he’d like to take this opportunity to show a little more, and to assure fans that the game’s development is going smoothly.


At the 1:12 mark of the video, the developers show off the latest footage. The footage shows a bit of some multiplayer action with two players. It might look like a split-screen, but it’s actually two players both taking on dungeons on full screen. As you can see, there seems to be all kinds of different traps and environmental hazards in the dungeons.


At one point, you see one of the characters opening a treasure chest, but the producers mention that if one player opens a chest, it’ll still be available to open for the other player, so there won’t be any bickering going on between buddies.


Treasure chests might be sealed with magic, but as long as one player unlocks it using a magic item, it’ll be available to open for all players.


Next, they show a little bit of a quest that can be taken on with four players. In this quest, the goal is to see how many small-fry monsters they can take out within the allotted time. Using skills will come in handy, especially when taking on bigger foes like the one they show.


After further consulting with Yoshinori Ono, Sugiura was finally able to share that deep down’s open beta will take place sometime in 2015. At the moment, Capcom are testing out all kinds of different things on the game, and ask fans to wait just a little longer.

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