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Yoshinori Ono Walks Us Through The Dungeons Of deep down


Last month, Capcom’s Corporate Officer and Deputy Head of Consumer Games Development Yoshinori Ono talked about the company’s stance on the development and release of DLC. More recently, he sat down with a reporter from Famitsu to show off deep down’s latest build and talk about exploring dungeons within the game.

Ono starts out with a brief description of the game’s story and how you’ll be reading memories to travel to the past and solve mysteries that took place.


At 0:50, Ono explains that you’ll be exploring dungeons as a way to solve these mysteries. These dungeons will be filled with various gimmicks and traps, so going through them won’t be easy. According to Ono, these gimmicks will be randomly generated, but a lot of them will appear based on certain algorithms.


For now, you might see things like fire coming out of walls, but eventually, the map will play a bigger role in the traps, and you’ll be studying them and slowly learning what kind of traps you should expect as you gain more experience in understanding the maps.


There may be certain events that could cause the walls to shift, and depending on the situation, you might find alternate routes or even hidden memories. Being able to make it entertaining by having all kinds of hidden objects is one of the features Capcom are working on at the moment, Ono says.


At 1:52, Ono talks a little about weapons in deep down. He explains that in most action games, if you continue using the same weapon for a period of time, you might eventually lose it. In deep down, the weapons will, instead, deteriorate over time. For example, weapons might begin to rust or silver could lose its shine.


Depending on the condition of your weapon, your abilities might also change. This feature is where the new generation of graphics will come into play, as players will need to keep a close eye on their weapon to judge its condition while exploring dungeons.


At the 2:48 mark, Ono is asked what’s been his favorite part of the development of deep down, thus far. His answer is the multiplayer feature, which he looks forward to having people try it out, and expects for some sort of event in the near future where players will get to test it for themselves.


Finally, Ono shares a message for fans:


“It’s already been over a year since we made the announcement in February of last year, at New York,” says Ono. “We also showed some gameplay last September during the Tokyo Game Show. Some of you might be saying ‘still not done yet?’ or ‘are you guys even getting anywhere?’ but I’m listening to all your voices at various bulletin boards.”


“I’m also listening to all the complaints. And for this reason, we’re currently working hard on something that will make you guys think, ‘Oh, so that’s why it took so long!’”


“We’d like to release a beta service for you guys as soon as possible, and we’d also like to prepare an occasion for you to out the multiplayer out soon, as I mentioned earlier,” he continues. “We’re working hard so you can get to try out deep down on the PlayStation 4, so please wait just a little longer. We’ll do our best to bring you the latest information as soon as possible!”


deep down is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

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