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Capcom’s Action RPG deep down Isn’t Dead, But They’re Running Out Of Time



We haven’t heard anything about Capcom’s upcoming online action RPG deep down since last year, and while they’ve yet to announce anything, the company has extended its trademark in the US, for the fifth time.


It feels like it’s already been ages since the reveal of Capcom’s PS4-exclusive reveal back in 2013, and we’ve been getting bits and pieces of info and trailers ever since then; however, they haven’t had anything to show for it in over a year, which has had many of us wondering what ever happened to  the title.


After several delays, including word from company Corporate Officer and Deputy Head of Consumer Games Development Yoshinori Ono as to why we haven’t heard from anything about it last year, Capcom has extended its trademark in the US on August 2, 2016.


The extension makes it Capcom’s fifth renewal. As some of you may know, any trademark filed in the United States can only be extended five times within three years, and it becomes lost after its fifth expiration. That said, Capcom will have to get something together soon for deep down if they’re planning on keeping the name and trademark.

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