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Capcom Promise Higher Quality Dragon’s Dogma Visuals Using Modified MT Framework


If you’re interested in the development aspect of games, you may be familiar with Capcom’s MT Framework, which is the in-house engine they use to create the vast majority of their console games, ranging from Resident Evil 5 to Devil May Cry 4 to the Lost Planet games. MT Framework is also being used for Dragon’s Dogma, but Capcom say the engine had to be heavily modified in order to accommodate the game’s ambitions.


Programmer, Taro Yahagi, explains that one of the major differences between Dragon’s Dogma and the games prior to it is that those older games were stage-based, and that data for the different stages could be accessed during load screens. In contrast, Dragon’s Dogma is more of an open game, with stages being “tens, even hundreds of times bigger” than previous MT Framework titles.


Yahagi goes on to mention some of the technical changes being implemented to make Dragon’s Dogma working, adding that the engine has been upgraded to 2.x since the days of Lost Planet 2. (For reference, Resident Evil 5 used 1.x) This allows for better art and visual effects, including high-quality anti-aliasing in the environments and depicting wetness or burns on character clothing.


You can find the full post that goes into greater detail about some of these new implementations at the link above.

Ishaan Sahdev
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