Capcom To Announce Four New Games At TGS?


Capcom, as you might have noticed, are all over Twitter. They maintain separate feeds for Capcom Unity, Capcom Europe and now have a separate Tokyo Game Show account dedicated to covering TGS as well. And of course, there’s Ono-san, who I’m considering for his very own tag.


With all those Twitter feeds, you’d think there’d be some sort of build up to an event as prominent as TGS. Perhaps a tease or two to get the Internet forums talking and the media scrambling for their keyboards. Sadly, while Capcom’s TGS account has been very active this past week, it has yet to divulge any information one would consider particularly juicy.


Enter Capcom Europe, who seem more than willing to rectify the situation. This little post popped up on their feed a while ago:


Righto. That sounds like an educated guess. Now, to anyone starting to feel that little tinge of excitement — yes, we can relate — keep in mind, this could merely be a PR disaster in the form of a badly-worded Tweet that wasn’t meant to be interpreted as a tease.


But if it isn’t…4 new games. And even if Ace Attorney Investigations 2 counts as one of them, 3 new games is still pretty good!

Ishaan Sahdev
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