Capcom to Release Monster Hunter Rise Palamute and Cahoot Figure


Capcom has opened pre-orders for a Monster Hunter Rise figure featuring the Palamute and Cahoot. The statue will cost ¥16,500 or roughly $148. Consumers can currently pre-order the figure, with shipments expected to arrive on November 25, 2021. It is currently unclear whether or not this product will be available to consumers outside of Japan.

As mentioned previously, the Monster Hunter Rise statue features the Palamute and Cahoot. The statue also features unique detailing associated with Kamura Village . This includes several scrolls placed inside of a lanter. Additionally, the Cahoot is perched on top of a kabuto featuring the crest of Kamura Village. You can take a look at the Palamute and Cahoot figure below.

Both the Cahoot and the Palamute featured on the figure are wearing the Kamura garb from Monster Hunter Rise. The Palamute is also rendered after the design shown in promotional materials.

Leading up to the release of Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom announced that it would produce an extra large Palamute plush. This plush was available to purchase through the e-Capcom store. A version with and without Monster Hunter Rise was available to buy for a limited time.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch. A PC version is planned for Early 2022.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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