Hello Kitty Paradise Parachute

In their efforts toward expansion in the mobile phone software market, Capcom aren’t relying solely on reviving their old franchises to help popularize their presence in the space — they’re also working with popular properties from other Asia-centric companies.


After the recently revealed Monster Hunter game for mobile, Capcom have turned their gaze to the female mobile phone audience. Their first endeavors targeting this demographic rely on the Hello Kitty and Relax Bear brands.


Two games have been revealed to the public so far. The first is Hello Kitty Paradise Parachute, which releases this summer. The goal of this game is to obtain items while attempting to get a high score. The second is a Relax Bear photo app, which allows you to poke and pet a virtual Relax Bear, and take pictures which you can modify with Relax Bear accessories.


Hello Kitty and Capcom aren’t strangers. Recently, Capcom also announced that Hello Kitty gear would be making an appearance in MonHun Nikki Poka Poka Airu Mura.


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