Capcom’s Next Mobile Game Will Be Snoopy Puzzle Journey


Capcom is returning to the mobile space in March 2020 with Snoopy Puzzle Journey, which is coming to the App Store and Google Play on March 3, 2020. Pre-registration is now open on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store. It will be free-to-play, although there will be ads and in-app purchases.

Snoopy Puzzle Journey will be a matching puzzle game where there are different colored pieces in the field. If you click ones that match and are adjacent to each other, they disappear and you will earn points. Going through the stages will send Snoopy around the globe, gathering new outfits based on attire from those regions. Peanuts characters will appear in each city holding a reward. Players will also be able to take pictures of Snoopy and friends between levels with the game’s photo mode, then share their results on social media.

A Snoopy Puzzle Journey Special Pass subscription service will be available for $4.49 per month, which is less than half the price of the Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Pass. For your $4.49 a month, your heart recovery time will be faster and you’ll also get a special login bonus with three bonus items every day. Each month also has special rewards. You’ll receive 3,000 coins for the first month, while in subsequent months, you’ll get an all-powerful “All-Crash” item that will help you skip levels.

Snoopy Puzzle Journey will be released on Apple iOS and Android devices in 59 countries on March 3, 2020. People can check out some free smartphone wallpaper, downloadable until March 9, 2020.

Brian Cooper
Owner of the Japanese Nintendo blog and a gamer since the 1980s with the ZX Spectrum 48k+.